The core activity of Gintas is construction. Hence, in its early years Gintas especially realized secured and quality focused projects.

The main objective of the realized projects have been to aid the urban transformations while changing the cities’ silhouette with significant achievements. Some of the most important examples; Bursa Trade and Industrial Service Building which is the most essential body for economic life in Bursa; Merinos Ataturk Culture and Congress Center which will become one of the few culture centers in Europe; Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal; Mall of Montenegro which is located in Montenegro and currently under construction.


Environment is a must-priority due to Gintas’ business. Gintas has realized and still realizing significant projects related with both environmental protection and infrastructure. Gintas implements the most advanced technologies while realizing landscaping and infrastructure project which comprise water supply, canalization, water drainage and telephone line installations.


In the last years Gintas has focused on tourism sector as well. The first project is the 5+ hotel and villa suits prtojected located in Gundogan, Bodrum. The boutique hotel is located on 25.000 m2 and will be operative from 2010. Another tourism project is the only city & business hotel of Montenegro and with a capacity of 90 exclusive rooms which will become an integral part of Mall of Montenegro project located in Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro.


Industrial production requires a separated investments and organization from the other group companies. The decision for investingin this field derived from the need for manufacturing necessary material for construction works. Concrete plants, road and concrete acreages, steel and wooden workshops are some examples for industrial production. In the last years wooden furniture on demand has been the main focus for industrial production of the Group.


Gintas has organized its company groups in order to be complementary with each other which also includes the exports and imports for efficient trade works. Construction materials, medical materials, industrial kitchenware, furniture and similar goods have been exported to abroad.


Besides its contributions to society in engineering and other complementary sectors, Gintas has been engaged with several investments in home-county and abroad. Especially the important projects realized in tourism sector, each of them are successful achievements of Gintas, have created many employment opportunities. Gintas Group transforms its revenues in order to achieve its mission of constant expansion.