Quality & Environment Policy


Our Quality Policy is;
Our company has been fulfilling all requirements of the “ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System” at each phase of production since 2006. Our goal is to achieve Total Quality Management principle by taking TS ISO EN 14001:2004 standards as reference, not only to meet customer requirements but also to achieve continuous customer satisfaction by continuous improvement of the system.

As GİNTAŞ, we are aware of the fact that natural sources can run out and of the necessity that environment should be protected and deferred to next generations, so we aim to perform each stage of production in compliance with the environmental management system and policy.


Our Environmental Policy is;
- To focus on prevention of health, safety and environmental risks,
- To ensure conformity with related standards, laws and practices during the application of construction technologies,
- To realize all actions safe and effective, to protect persons’ health and safety, to provide that all equipment shall by supplied under proper working conditions,
- To take all measurements required in order to control, eliminate or correct any leak and/or spreading of dangerous material or other health and safety risks,
- To ensure conformity with International standards which provide technical safety level required at the construction of the Project,
- To take measurements required in order to raise notion of the employees and effective training, aiming to be careful with the usage of natural sources.

Environmental commitments:

Continuous development, prevention of environmental pollution and acting in conformity with any legal regulation which we are subject to,
by decreasing the environmental impact at our services.
Our Environmental Policy is open to access of third parties.