Contract for renovation of historical “Tuz Bazaar” is signed

Contract of “Cover Coat Construction and Landscaping Works of Historical Inn Region, Tuz Bazaar” which involves cover coat and landscaping manufacturing that shall be executed at Historical Tuz Bazaar which has a very important value for the history of Bursa and Anatolia has been signed. By completion of the project which is an investment of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, executer of many important projects of historical buildings, Tuz Bazaar which is one of the most important open marketplace of Bursa shall reach to proper to Bursa view and accommodation.
Pristina's appearance shall be renewed by Gintas

Our company, has been carrying out many construction projects across the country since the independence of the Republic of Kosovo, has signed “Kosovo Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Project (KEEREP)” contract for the construction of major public buildings restoration in the capital Pristina. By completion of the project financed by the European Union funds, it will have gone one step further towards modernization in Pristina.
Bursa Metropolitan Stadium Opening Ceremony was held.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Administrative Service Building was inaugurated.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Administrative Service Building which construction has been completed under our commitment was inaugurated.
As Gintaş Construction Contracting and Trade Inc. we are proud of being main contractor of this prestigious project which shall take his place between the abiding works in Bursa.
All the municipal units are gathered under a single roof owing to this modern Municipal Administrative Service Building placed on 8.942 m2 floor space located at 35 thousand square meter field which was serve as a city hall between years 1958 – 2008.

"Bursa Metropolitan Stadium Landscaping Construction" agreement which involves landscaping work of the surroundings, creation of pedestrian roads, stadium entrance check points, ticket sales points shall be constructed in order to ensure unproblematic entrance and exit of the audiences to modern and becoming to Bursa citizens stadium which is designed conforming to UEFA, FIFA and TFF standards was signed.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Stadium Project is awarded with European Property Award

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Stadium Project, which electrical-mechanical installations and fine works are proceeding under commitment of our company, is continuing to be awarded at international area. The project which is awarded as European Property Award- Public Service Architecture by “International Property Media” lastly is also followed closely by the international press.” (

Source - Telegraph Web

Construction of Erciyes Technology Development Zone Project is completed.

“Erciyes Technopark” construction work which is second part of “Lot2 Erciyes Technology Development Zone“ project of which “Bozok University Innovation Centre” construction part has been already successfully completed at June 2014, is completed and by the beginning of October the building is taken over to the Employer ready for use together with all mechanical electrical instrumentation, carparking areas and landscaping .

The project which was put out to tender by Ministry of Since, Industry and Technology within the scope of Regional Competitiveness Programme was financed by European Union. As a part of the project which was performed under the contract conditions of FIDIC Red Book, construction of Technopark Building with 10262m2 construction area and Innovation Centre with 2000m2 were competed together with all mechanical-electrical instrumentation and landscaping works and last month provisional acceptance certificate of the project was signed.

ISO - OHSAS of the company are renewed...

As a result of ASB International Documentation inspection, by “zero unconformity” the quality certificates of the Company; ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety are renewed to 09.10.2015

We celebrated our 35th Year...

Yozgat ..







Timsah Arena...


Concert of Şevval Sam

This year in the scope of 51st International Bursa Festival, Şevval Sam is meeting with her audiences by sponsorship of Gintaş.

Şevval Sam is one of the curious artists who supports her success in theatre and acting with vocalization of Folksongs and Turkish Classical music. Şevval Sam is in 51st International Bursa Festival with her special repertoire and performance that night…

21st of June 2012 / 21:15
Bursa Cultural Park Open-Air Theater


"Timsa Arena" tribun units are replaced!

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality-Timsah Arena stadium, built by the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, continues to rise with its all magnificent. It is reach to first base of rough construction works as a scope of the project, started on 2011 which is planned to be leader in branding of Bursa.

Tribune units of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality-Timsah Arena which are manufactured in the prefabricated plant established in stadium site by Gintaş, are replaced after steam cure apply. One more stage is passed in rough construction works which are followed with interest by Bursaspor fans and Bursa citizens, after assembly of the tribunes.

45 thousand spectator capacities Bursa Metropolitan Municipality-Timsah Arena, being constructed on Bursa Metropolitan Municipality’s sport complex in Veledrom will be one of the world modern stadium which is bring to the city by Bursa Metropolitan municipality and Gintaş, one of rooted construction companies.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Administrative Building groundbreaking...

The groundbreaking of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Administrative Building which will gather all the service units under a single roof had been recognized by a ceremony with participation of Vice Prime Minister Bülent Arınç.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is having constructed a new Administrative Building in Namık Kemal settlement on Ankara Road. By specifying that come up to new building will be easier President Recep Altepe said that;” This building will be put into service at the latest in 1,5 years. Realising of this work is vouchsafed to us.

We are working to make new structures in all regions and settlements. This makes us proud. We are continuing our services in every corner of Bursa. The stadium construction is also continuing. The investments for a social municipality are also continuing. In this project, we were teaselling all the municipal buildings in the world. We searched on their construction style and facades. We are having constructed a beauteous Municipal Building. On the middle of the city, adding vision and breath life into the city. It is going to provide its own energy by solar panels.

“There will be no problem in come up to the Municipality....”

By demonstration of old market place, 400 thousand m2 empty area come out on Ankara road, the Municipal Administrative building is going to be build on 9 thousand m2 of this area expressed Mr. Altepe by saying;” the service units of Bursa metropolitan municipality were stated on different regions of the city. Also metropolitan and other related municipal units were servicing in different buildings, so the citizens were in the cart. Metropolitan municipality is becoming more accessible. 30 thousand m2 area is going to be park, green area. The Administrative building is going to consist of 4 blocks. There will be complexes which will serve to the settlement as policlinic, multi purposeful conference hall. The building will produce its energy by itself. The cafeteria building is going to be constructed under the form of train station. The first station of the Mudanya Train was at this area in the past. This place will cherish the memory of Mudanya Train.”

Concha Buika Concert

Concha Buika meets with art-lovers within the scope 50. International Bursa Festival realized by the sponsorship of our company which gives support to the cultural and art events, within the frame of social responsibilities.

The amative voice of Spanish love songs Buika, meets with Bursa’s audiences on 23 June as a part of world circuit of the “El Ultimo Trago” album which is devoted to legendary Mexican singer Chavela Vargas and by which she embraced Latin Grammy.

Spanish singer that gathers Flamenco and Jazz, brings a new style to the coetaneous world music by carrying Flamenco to a new dimension, born in 1972 in Mayorka Island, Palma city where her family still live.

Her mother is who influence listening Jazz singers to her, but she also was listening traditional Copla songs from her house’s window. Buika who grew with Flomenco tunes comings from the streets, finds one’s own level on the songs which gives her identification.

“Timsah Arena” groundbreaking....

The groundbreaking of “Timsah Arena Stadium” which will be present to Bursaspor by bursa metropolitan Municipality is took place.

Secretary of State and Vice President Bülent Arınç, Proconsul Şahabettin Harput, Chief of Constabulary Halil Yılmaz, President of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, President of Bursaspor İbrahim Yazıcı, Coach of Bursaspor Ertuğrul Sağlam, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Administrative Board Member of the Union of Chembers and Commodity Exchange of Turkey İlhan Parseker and many guest participated to the groundbreaking ceremony which was in Veledrom.

Orchestra of bursa Metropolitan Municipality gave a slam concert by wearing green-white uniforms. After stand in silence and Independence March, an introductory film was viewed.

International Architecture Award to Merinos….

Atatürk Congress and Cultural Centre (Merinos ACCC) is awarded by the International Architecture Award which is given to the World’s most successful projects in architecture area every year.

The best projects were come up in the competition organized by Chicago Athenaeum Architectonics, Art and design Museum, and Europe Architectonics, Art, Design and Urban Planning Centre. The Jurors that each year are composed from different countries’ privileged architects, academics, commentators, this year was undertaken by Mexican architects.

Atatürk Congress and Cultural Centre which is functionalized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality based on city’s social and cultural needs is awarded by International Architecture Award with its architectural project. In the competition where 95 projects from 38 countries are awarded, Santralistanbul Contemporary Art Museum from İstanbul is another project which took award from Turkey.

The project which consist of 3 main title, Merinos Park, Merinos Cultural Centre, and Atatürk Opera and Concert Hall, in 2007 was also awarded with “Peace Price” by Association of Historical Towns. With nearly 208 thousand m2 green area, Merinos Atatürk Congress and Cultural Centre is in unexampled position in Turkey yet. To Merinos which also affects the jurors by this qualification, the price is going to be given between dates 4-7 November 2010 by ceremony performed within the frame of “The City and the World” Conference in Madrid. After Display in Madrid the awarded project will meet with the viewers in different cities’ of Europe and America.

Seraglio Musical

Seraglio musical meets with art-lovers within the scope of 49. International Bursa Festival, under the sponsorship of our company which gives support to the cultural and art events within the frame of social responsibilities.

Seraglio Musical which is prepared by Ankara Official Opera and Ballet for 700th year celebrations of Ottoman Empire, combines Ottoman National music with contemporary ballet.

The story illustrates power struggles in the palace and conspirations in the seraglio of the young women whom destination is bound to war of forces. In this story there is an infinite and able to everything Sultan.

Sultana considers him as an obstacle, she prefers her young grandson’s success to the throne. She has this grandson on a string to can gather all the power of the Empire.

Montenegro Water Supply Project is completed

The provisional acceptance of project which is financed by World Bank for establishment of regional water supply network in Montenegrin southern and northern coasts, conducted under control of Montenegro Directorate of Water is done on 26.04.2010.

Under the scope of the project, lay of 18.856 meters Ø711mm steel pipe and potable water transmission line is constructed, and assembly is completed of fittings, valve, flowmeters, etc....
30 Thousand Saplings from Gintaş in the 30th Year

Gintaş Construction which is one of the long-established companies in Bursa finished the last stage of “Planting Works” performed under the scope of 30th establishment anniversary events on 30.04.2010, Saturday with ceremony.

With the campaign named “30 thousand sapling in 30th year” saplings are planted in 3 different regions of bursa. In charge of Bursa Regional Directorate of Forest totally 170 hectares have been planted near Badırga, Hasanağa, and Başköy-Akçatı.

During the planting works Regional Directorate of Forest and Gintaş’s team together realized 2000 machine hours work.

The organization and co pere of the events were undertaken by Gintaş Construction Board Member Elif Doğru Kumaru who is on the boil with Butik 16 project. During the ceremony General Manager of Gintaş Construction Necip Naci Doğru, Bursa Regional Director of Forestry Ali Girgin, deputy General Manager of Forestry Operation Muhammet Ali Akaç made speech. President of foundation for Bursa Sena Kaleli, Başköy and Akçalar villages’ dwellers participate to the ceremony.

Gintaş General Manager Necip Naci Doğru explained the reason for planting by saying “We have to appreciate the value of our country. Lands in bursa are loosed. Gintaş realized this event in 30th establishment anniversary because we want to promote everyone to do this. With Gintaş Memorial Forest we supply tree need of 170 hectare area. This means surviving one village.

Pine, cedarwood, lime are planted in order to provide economic benefit to the peasants. “We hope that, planting campaign which is realized with support given by Gintaş, can set an example to all businessmen.” said Regional Director of Forestry.

By following the instructions of Çalı Forestry Department Chief İsa Çapkın the saplings were planted. It was enjoyable for all the guests. After the planting works the event continue with barbecue party.

Kosovo Novobërdë/Novo Brdo – Sports and Cultural Centre Construction

With the Contract Agreement signed on 29.03.2010 the works mentioned below start to be done.

1-Novobërdë/Novo Brdo – Sports and Cultural Centre (Llabjan/Labljane): 1.472 m2 cultural centre construction and landscaping.
* The cultural centre consist of sport hall with 320 spectator capacity, ballet and dancing room, library, sportsmen’s rooms.
2-Design and Construction of Health Centre Building (Vushtrri/Vucitrn)
The health care building will have two floors and shall have a total covered area of 1.234 m2. The building shall contain at least an emergency care department, Laboratories (X ray, microbiology), internist room, family medicine department, paediatrician rooms, gynaecologic, dentist, doctors, and nursery rooms, administration, maintenance.
Mall of Montenegro is opened.

Gintaş which represents Turkish Construction Business Sector successfully in Balkan states continue to succeed substantial projects.

In the recent years after Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo the most important investment is have been done in Europe’s youngest country, Montenegro.

“Mall of Montenegro” that groundbreaking is performed by participation of Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic on 14.05.2006, is the first and most comprehensive shopping centre project.

The project which consist of bazaar area, shopping centre and business hotel will shows the power of Turkish Construction Business Sector by being completed in short time like 3 years.

President of Republic Turkey Abdullah Gül, President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic, and many ministers of state and entrepreneurs participated to the inaugurate ceremony.

President of Republic Turkey Abdullah Gül expressed that they will be at the fore for new investments in the region and said that “It is glad to witness that company like Gintaş starts to make its own investment here.”

“We declare one thing from the time we are here. We create transformation area without changing the identification of the cities. In our place of birth Bursa, Albania, and now in Montenegro we move with this principle. We add new dimension in urbanization” said Gintaş General Manager Necip Naci Doğru in the opening statement.

30 Thousand Saplings from Gintaş in the 30th Year

Gintaş comes to the end of the “30 thousand saplings in the 30th year” project. In the scope of year events bursary have been given to 30 university student and together with Regional Directorate of Forestry 30 thousand saplings project is going to be finished at the end of 2009.

It was given scholarship to 30 university students during one year by Gintaş Construction.

Gintaş owes Bursa a debt of gratitude. During 2009 Gintaş tried to make a contribution to planting works in Başköy, Badırga and Ulubat Lake where the green areas are seriously damaged. The sapling planting works are going to be finished in December. 30 thousand saplings of Pine, Cedarwood, and Lime are planted in order to provide economical benefit for the peasants.

Gintaş that took plaque from Mr. Şahabettin Harput, Proconsul of Bursa as a reason of “30.000 Saplings” project, will continue similar social responsibility projects.

Boutique 16 Houses

Gintas provides new living space, in west of Bursa, in the last valuable geography; near Odunluk Village, at few minutes distance to Atatürk Forest , in touch with nature, to its citizens.

Gintas construction which realized lot of successful projects during 30 years, now together with Bukotaş INC. which is one of Gintaş Group Establishments, are prepared to put signature to housing development project in bursa after 10 years.

“Butik 16” is a special project which consist of forty flat; four storey, 5 blocks. The flats have 180, 190, 206 and 360 m2 area, 36 of them are duplex.

While protecting natural green area, 4.000 m2 garden, swimming pool, playground, nearly 2.000 meters walk-run way is offered in scope of the project.

Butik 16 is planned to be finished at the end of year 2010. By Gintaş construction’s experience and references, and private priorities approach, the project is waiting its buyers.

For more information please visit;

Gintaş Celebrates 30th Anniversary...

Gintaş celebrated its 30th year with its personnel in Turkey, Albania and Montenegro separately.

Gintaş Construction has been established in Bursa in 1979 but in the recent 15 years extend in Balkan States, especially in Albania, Montenegro by the investment projects.

Gintaş celebrated its 30th year birth day with its personnel who carried the company to success.
Firstly in the head office which is in bursa employers took their presents in the cocktail organized for them. All the participants stent good time during the cocktail and at the end it was screened a special film which briefs all successfully signed projects.

After bursa by one week break establishment anniversary also was celebrated in Albania and Montenegro. Finally establishment text was signed by all the personnel and it is hided.
State of Denizli Infrastructure Construction

After Bursa, Gintaş carries its knowledge and experience of infrastructure projects to Denizli.

Gintaş Construction Inc. signed an agreement related with”Package 4 Potable Water, Sewerage and Storm Water Network Rehabilitation Work” financed by Province Bank. Board Member Zafer Tolunay, on behalf of Gintaş Construction Inc. and Mayor of Denizli, Nihat zeybekçi participate to signature ceremony.

In scope of the project, 33 km earthquake-resistant potable water pipe, 35 km sewerage and storm water pipe is going to be lay down.

The project duration is 250 days and it is planned to be finished on March 2010 by simultaneous working of 10 separate teams.
The first phase of Mall Of Montenegro is opened with the big ceremony

For the rehabilitation of present bazaar Gintaş developed a project with the name “Green Bazaar”. The main target was placing the traditional bazaar to the hygienic one.

In the end, President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic opened the new bazaar with the attendance of Necip Naci Dogru visitors.

Necip Naci Dogru (Gintas - Chairman Of The Board) made a speech in opening ceremony. He told that “We are proud to built a place like this for the Montenegrins. We know that this place will open new horizons for the entrepreneurs of this country. I know that a lot of people will work in this mall.”

Mr. Murat Aksoy who has been working in ..

Mr. Murat Aksoy who has been working in Gintaş Construction Gimat Logistic as Accountancy Procurement chief for six years left the company because of he will go to Engl to taking language education. At the Havuzlu Konak Restaurant farewell dinner was arranged for him. In the dinner where the entire working friends have been there, cheerful blue moments follow each other.

We would also like to thank Mr. Aksoy for a contribution to the company we wish he would be success happiness in his future life.
Technical committee composed of Dean ..

The lecturers at Faculty of Engineering in Podgorica University with whom we have closed relations contacts due to The Green Bazaar Project which is undertaking Gintaş Group as the First Turkish Construction Company in the Montenegro, have been hosted in Bursa. By the representatives of Gintaş Board, they have been informed about past daily activities completed on-going projects of company also about historical economical situation of our city.

When the visits of committee to the construction site of Merinos Atatürk Cultural Congress Center which is one of the most important urbanistic transformation project in Turkey, they expressed to be admired because of successful works contributions to project of Gintaş they added that they are leaving the Turkey with increasing believes confidence for Mall of Montenegro Projects.

After the site visits lunch in Bursa they set out to İstanbul to one day trip they returned to Montenegro
Our strategy development to enlarge our activity ..

Our strategy development to enlarge our activity within whole of the Balkan region, subsidiary of GintaşALB company has been founded in Kosova which is going to be independent has large potential about contract projects also building investments.

The first contract undertaking GİNTAŞKOSOVA, construction furnishing works of Priştina/KOSOVA Branch bank of BKT Bank has been signed the works have been commenced. Therefore, implementation of getting construction works persecution of new potential jobs in this country will be done more effectively.

Name of Company : GINTASKOSOVA
Adress: Rruga Garibaldi 13/15 Priştina/KOSOVA
General Manager: Tuncay Özguroglu
Merinos Atatürk Congress and Cultural Center Project...

New Merinos Wedding Hall, which is realized under the commitment of our company, within the scope of Merinos Atatürk Congress and Cultural Centre Project, hosted press conference, organized by Mr. Hikmet Şahin, Mayor of Bursa metropolitan Municipality.

In the conference in which many national and local press members participated, Mayor Mr. Şahin answered the questions by explaining operations realized by Bursa Metropolitan municipality during the recent tree years.

After the conference the Mayor together with accompanying delegation and press members walked through Merinos Atatürk Congress and Cultural Centre’s building site and took information from our company’s General Manager Mr. Necip Doğru.